Wenda for Transport and Logistics companies

Automatic, fast and simple integration

A new service for your clients

Wenda connects your ERP with the myriad of data loggers, tracking and localization data, containers and trucks. You'll be able to show your customers the temperature and tracking data along with the track&trace, when and how you want. Do your customers use data loggers, tracking services like Marine Traffic or Vessel Finder? Wenda is integrated with these various services and sends the data to your ERP via API so that you can use this amount of data as you wish.

Why Wenda can help you boost your offer

All-in-one platform

  • 24/7 visibility of the load and its integrity in your systems
  • Rapid, standardized integration without technological changes
  • Enhanced service to your customers
  • Reduction of data logger, data and claims management time and costs

Automatic, fast and simple integration

How does it work?

Wenda will integrate via web service (API) with your information systems in a standardized and fast way. It will then transfer data loggers and other systems integrated with Wenda to your ERP as and when you want.

Ask for more information

We will contact you to understand your needs and explain how we can enable you to enhance the service to your clients, with the temperature data of the shipments directly in your ERP.